Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inspirations for my Painted Staircase

As promised these are the painted staircases that inspired me to do mine!  I love the ones with the numbers up the stairs and am contemplating adding numbers or words to mine.  I hope you too get inspired by these:)
Solid colors with white border, looks like a fake runner-LOVE these!
Painted stair runner

Painted stairway

Painted stair runner

A little extra detail-strips!

Painted stair runner
And words....
Painted stair runner with words

words on stairs

words on stairs
Loving the numbers.....ok so I'm definitely going to add some stenciled numbers to to my steps, I feel like I played it a bite to safe with just the black and white:)
ideas for painted staircase

numbers on stairs

stenciled numbers on staircase

Colored treads and risers....
Ideas for painted stairway

Painted stair runner
Slipped my staircase in here! For a step by step guide see my previous blog!
Some really cool designs....these are a bit too much work for me and I definitely think you need some artistic ability, which I'm lacking in! But they are AMAZING!!!

Piano staircase

Painted design on staircase


  1. I loved the black and white designed staircase -second to the last photo. Black and white is just soooo classy. Thanks for the ideas!!!

  2. Cute! Love the piano one =)


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