Friday, February 1, 2013


Refurbishing old furniture is a great way to decorate on a budget.  Why buy cheap, poor quality furniture that everyone has and will fall apart in a few years, when you can buy great high quality furniture that you can make totally unique? 
               I LOVE refurbishing old furniture, so here are a few before and afters of some of the pieces I've done.  Most of the furniture is from thrift stores but some is from Craigslist, or used furniture stores.  I always prime the furniture first so the paint will adhere better and it will also help resists chipping and scraping.   
             When I first started refurbishing furniture I used spray paint.  However, now I use regular paint as I feel that it is less blotchy than spray paint. Also, spray paint can crackle when you get too close.  Whether you use spray paint or regular paint you will need to prime first, and it will need at least 2-3 coats of paint.
cheap furniture
$20 Thrift Store find......this was the first piece of furniture I refurbished
.....I had my husband really worried when I purchased this!
shabby chic, cheap furniture
A little black spray paint really helped this one.  
I kept the same handles as they were glued on, 
so it might have been more damage than it was 
worth to try and pry the handles off and 
replace them.
coffee table, cheap furniture
Small coffee table from thrift store $12
A few coats of black paint
This is a bedside table from a hotel liquidator store in Vancouver $40.
I loved the style and lines but hated the colour.
night stand
I also have these same ones in my other bedroom,
which I painted black.
Unfortunately I don't have a before picture for this next piece of furniture.  I wish I did because it's probably the biggest transformation of any of the pieces I've done.  Here is a picture of a china cabinet that is very similar to the one that I refurbished.
This China cabinet is similar to the refurbished 
one in the following picture.  It had the same type 
of glass doors, shelves and knobs.

bookcase, china cabinet, TV stand, cheap furniture
We were searching for a TV stand big enough to hold
our massive TV and this seemed to do the trick.
I found this at athrift store and refurbished it.
I removed the glass doors, shelves, and handles.
My dad helped me add panelling to the back and
I added new handles because the ones it had were
pretty dated. A little teal paint adds a nice
pop of colour!
thrift store find
Thrift Store find $45
painted dresser, furniture transformations
I left the handles on this one because they 
are elegant and add a nice touch.  This 
dresser is painted in Cloud White paint.


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