Sunday, May 26, 2013

Playing with Paint!

I was in Chintz the other day, which is a high end furniture store in Vancouver.  I saw some amazing furniture that really inspired me.  I usually just paint my furniture one colour, but I saw some pieces with really neat designs, like checkers and stripes, and that got me thinking......I really need to try this!  So I bought an old dresser and the project began!
Here is the before picture.  Unfortunately, I was so eager to get started that I already took the handles off when I realized I should take a picture first.  So here it is without the handles and the top primed.
refurbished dresser
refurbished dresser
Getting ready to be primed.  I always take the handles off, and cupboards
out before painting them.  I always prime first, with paint primer.  Doing
this will allow the paint to adhere better to the wood, and resists
chipping in the future.  You will also use less paint as the primer
creates a seal so the paint won't soak into the wood.   
This was definitely the hard part-measuring! I used painters tape to section
off the black and white stripes.  I used regular semi-gloss paint.  I pulled
out the cupboards and did them separately, so the top and sides of
the cupboards would be painted.  It took two coats of paint and I tried
 to use a small roller (3 inches) so that there wouldn't be
many brush stroke lines.  
refurbished furniture
Primed cupboards are in the dresser, and now I'm just trying to match
all the lines together!
I took the handles off to paint them separately, as
I like the look of the black against the white.
Sometimes I change out the handles if they are not
that nice, but I liked these,  so decided to just
paint them!

Finally Finished!  Measuring up the stripes was definitely more work than
any other piece I have done, but it turned out alright.
Next time I am definitely going to do more stripes,
but for the first time I wanted to keep it
relatively simple:)

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  1. Looks amazing!!!! Can you come to london so I can commission you to do up my place?


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